Adults who are interested in working with teens should consider becoming a Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) Site Director. While many adults work with teens in similar programs as uncompensated volunteers, we happily offer compensation to our Site Directors in order to ensure an unbroken sequence of service throughout the school year to our teen Rainmakers Candidates.

To ensure effective operations, The Internship Depot requires that a Site Director be appointed in every high school that implements RIPP and its related activities.

Site Directors provide local administrative support for, and respond to directives issued by, The Internship Depot, but are hired by, and report to, school leadership. Administrators from the participating school and executives from The Internship Depot confer on a regular basis to determine the quality of the Site Director’s ongoing performance and his or her suitability for annual re-appointment.

The job of a Site Director also provides an opportunity for many adults who might have family responsibilities but want to earn a bit of additional money without being overwhelmed by the demands of full-time or traditional part-time jobs. Our job requirements and duties are well-defined but for the most part, work hours are minimal and flexible and include parcels of time on school days (no summers) and the occasional hour or two in evenings (working remotely from the Site Director’s home).

Our jobs also provide a chance for adults who have elderly parents or children of various ages to maintain a continuous history of work while growing their skills, experience, job responsibilities, and income in preparation for a return to full-time employment when their family obligations have lessened. Our jobs are also appropriate for high-energy retired business people, or full-time workers who have always wanted to work with teenagers, assuming all these individuals can occasionally be free during school hours to perform their duties.

Site Directors will be expected to work about 50 hours a year, distributed as needed over the school year. Compensation aside, be assured that, by virtue of their connection to our program, our Site Directors can make a real difference in the lives of teens. Our RIPP activities help ensure that today’s high school students are ready for the workforce when they are adults. Our program also provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to enter the Gig Economy now – even while they are still in high school – so they can earn money for college, trade schools, transportation, and other expenses.

To be considered for the job of Site Directors, individuals must be over the age of 25, be willing to submit to a criminal background check, have strong communications skills (including the use of correct English grammar when speaking and writing), have a solid background in business (management experience a plus), have a significant understanding of, and be able to use, multiple telecommunications technology platforms, including smart phones, tablets, computers, and be able to join, and occasionally launch or anchor webinars, podcasts, and teleconferences.

Parents who have one or more children participating as students in RIPP during the year(s) must notify The Internship Depot staff for additional discussions and training during the years in which their child(ren) is(are) involved in the program.

As with most part-time jobs, benefits are not offered. Site Directors work under/receive a W9 form and are responsible for their own tax obligations.

After they have served a minimum of one year, successful Site Directors can pursue additional job opportunities with which they can significantly increase their compensation package. After one year as a successful Site Director, individuals can supplement that income with various other activities but success as a Site Director is fundamental to doing more and earning more as a ‘gig worker’ for our Rainmakers Internship Program. Learn More.