Our Basic Philosophy

We designed our three key programs (First Rung, Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative, and the Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program) around the three over-arching principles listed below.

Principle 1

We believe that the skills that Rainmakers use to achieve success as working adults can be learned, practiced, and applied to a student’s life starting as early as high school. As participants in The Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP), students will simulate the competitive processes involved in job search and acquisition through fun and challenging projects and activities that mirror those in the real world. These activities also build their performance-based résumés, prepare them for college and for immediate access into the Gig Economy. The skills students gain will also help them succeed in a future in which the traditional worker may change jobs as frequently as every two years.

We believe that as important as the skills students learn in RIPP might be, teens first goal should be to get the best grades possible in their high school courses. Knowing academic content is fundamental to student success no matter what career he or she chooses. The hard skills needed to do a specific job are directly based on the academic foundations they build in high school courses.

For example, if a student doesn’t learn enough high school Mathematics, he or she will likely never be an accountant earning $100,000 a year. If they plan to be welder and have their own businesses, they will need to learn how to run a business, how to do the work the trade demands, and even more academics: the Physical Sciences, English, Social Studies, Chemistry, Physical Science with a concentration in Metallurgy, and Mathematics.

Students will need all of that knowledge to effectively navigate the world of business ownership and the skills demanded by that particular trade.

If a student wants be an artist, the fundamentals of success are theirs for the taking in high school Art courses, but they will also need to learn to speak well (if they want to sell to high-end customers). They will need to be able to ‘do the math’ if they want to be a business owner because they will need to calculate the minimum value of their art work — an amount that has to cover their day-to-day living expenses — but must also have the monies necessary to pay taxes, hire an accountant, buy supplies, pay for their own healthcare, business insurances — the list is endless.

Students who want to be a medical doctor, or have a career in STEM fields or healthcare, must take and succeed in every Science and Math course available.

Principle 2

We believe that the more students’ school-day and after hours activities align with their goals for the future, the more likely they will be successful in attaining the goals they have for college, work, and life. Since almost all adults spend a large percentage of their lives in the business world, high school students should round out their high school and/or college experiences with activities that provide in-depth preparation for employment success. All students should evaluate their current or future selections of extra-curricular activities to ensure those activities provide the most ‘return’ on the investment of time made. And that’s where our Rainmakers Internship Program can serve students’ goals and change the trajectory of their lives.

Principle 3

We believe that the earlier students prepare for work, the better. The earlier start preparing for work, the better and the faster they can start earning money for education after high school, transportation, or other necessities, and eventually pay off their student loans.

That’s why we start our workforce readiness message in Grade 8 and continue to Grade 12.

While hard skills (academic knowledge) will get the job, the not-so-soft skills (communications, commitment, teamwork, tenacity, character, and more) will help individuals keep any job they get. Both job skills and job search skills will be critical for all young workers to have because they will be looking for a job on a very regular basis.

However, there is third skill that will be just as important as hard and soft skills. That third skill is ‘Search’ skills. Tomorrow’s young adults may need to change jobs every three or four years. The ability to track down and secure a job is critical. That’s what everyone will need to be able to do and that’s what we ensure students learn when they participate in our program.

Knowing how to be a professional, work as a member of an accountable team, gather data to measure personal and professional accomplishment, and respond to any and all work situations in a professional manner are some of the skills students will learn and practice as Rainmakers Candidates.

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