Our Fee Structure

The cost to deploy The Internship Depot programs is $5.00 per high school student per year. That fee covers the costs of implementing our three core programs:

  • The Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (for high school juniors and seniors),
  • The Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative (for high school freshmen and sophomores), and
  • The First Rung (for eighth grade students in all sending middle schools).

As an example, a high school that has a student population of 800 students (200 in each of four years) will pay $4,000 annually for The Internship Depot’s programs. We have several suggestions we can provide to school districts about securing necessary funding that will provide dual positive outcomes.

That fee covers all program costs with the exception of two live events delivered in our Enhanced Program Option, which reinforces what students learn in our basic programs. Each of these two activities requires a double period (90 minutes). Our trained staff can deliver three sessions per day to serve up to 150 students (three groups of 50 select students). We prefer delivering these two activity events (Race for a Place and Compete for a Seat) to students who may benefit the most — students who are cruising along with a ‘C’ average.

We offer fundraising expertise to help the district seek and receive additional funds that would support the costs of basic or enhanced program deployment from local businesses. All contributions generated for any of The Internship Depot programs will be donated to and distributed from the school district’s non-profit education foundation according to a budget submitted by Challenge Central LLC, parent company of The Internship Depot, when accepted by the local school board.

The school district and Challenge Central LLC will also execute a contract that will define mutual responsibilities, services to be supplied by both or either: the School District and Challenge Central LLC.

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