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Teachers who are interested in student transition into the workplace, or who just love working with teenage students, can be great Site Directors for our Internship Depot programs — they are usually influential enough to secure buy-in from school leadership/school boards for programs they champion, and they know how to ensure that critical content makes its way into students’ thought processes.

Teachers will have dual reporting responsibilities (school administrators and Internship Depot managers) and their work will be evaluated by executives from both entities.

Teachers will be able to perform most required tasks with significantly greater efficiency since they are already on-site at the school and know administrators, their fellow teachers, and school procedures. Therefore, their role as Site Directors keep implementation costs low and affordable.

We provide training to teachers who will learn how to manage diverse program demands, report to internal and external managers, advocate for issues, and coordinate complex projects, and even raise money for the community for extended program applications for working adults. All of these skills are in high demand in the world beyond K-12 education.

Teachers with business experience are preferred but personal alignment with our over-arching philosophy is more important. In our programs, we help students adjust to the fact they will not always get a trophy — in the world beyond the school building, the competition is fierce. We try to prepare our students for that world and ensure they know that no matter how tough it gets, they will always need to accept and learn from failure, then continue on with no loss of effort and enthusiasm.

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