Participant Success

We demand a lot from our Rainmakers Candidates (participating students) so they can enjoy success in their futures. The Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) simulates the highly competitive and demanding world of work so teens get the truest view of what their futures will look like. We place our Candidates in challenging situations similar to those they will face when they need to secure — or have secured — a real job. We are not about making success easy, because success in the real world is something that happens only with a lot of effort and hard work. The closer we can get students to experiencing the real thing, the better prepared they will be.

Candidates receive training and are coached and supported as each attempts to secure an employer willing to provide a short (two-weeks), remote (students are never on the business site – all work is completed via teleconference), and instructional (unpaid). Each Candidate secures his or her own internship Host, which duplicates the job search process — the process they will have to repeat over and over in tomorrow’s workplace.

Because Rainmakers Candidates generate their own internship opportunity, they create opportunities where none existed. That’s what makes Rainmakers — and they are designated as such if they successfully complete the internship. [Success is defined by the Host employer. If the Host agrees they did a good job, he/she will send the Rainmakers Candidate a letter of recommendation and the students will be designated as a Rainmaker. As such, students will receive a unique Rainmakers Credential, letter of recommendation from The Internship Depot, and a FREE lifetime membership to The Rainmakers Club, an online community our ‘graduates’ where they can build their professional networks and seek job opportunities.

Our newly minted Rainmakers may also be eligible for paid gig jobs with The Internship Depot and its industry partners. However, these opportunities are limited and require specific skills that not all Rainmakers will have.

To help ensure that students who decide to participate in RIPP are as successful as possible, The Internship Depot offers the Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative to high schools that have adopted our program. Targeting freshmen and sophomores, our Wannabees program offers important information about what students need to do to prepare for life as upperclassmen/women and as future Rainmakers. This program includes our proprietary curriculum (called G.R.I.T.) and its related activities help participants learn about the importance of academic achievement, how to choose a career field, and the need for ongoing personal improvement.

We also offer a program called The First Rung, which begins informing eighth grade students about what their future employers and college admissions officials will expect of them.

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