Rainmakers Program Locations?

We work with school administrators, educators, and parents in public, private, or parochial schools to establish our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) in any location where students want to ramp up the trajectory of their lives by preparing for their future careers and possibly entering the Gig Economy while they are still in high school or college. We also accept first-year college students in an adapted program for students on campuses around the country.

While the most intense work is accomplished in junior/senior years in high school as we culminate our training with The Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program, which targets juniors and seniors in high school. However, we begin preparing students much earlier, as we also:

  1. extend our work down into eighth grade with our ‘The First Rung‘ curriculum, thus building the Rainmakers pipeline,
  2. continue our work in ninth and tenth grade with our ‘Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative.

If our Rainmakers Candidates (participating students) successfully completed the RIPP but securing and serving a business-based internship, they receive free lifetime memberships in The Rainmakers Club, an online community where they can build their networking contacts, pursue job acquisition, and apply for paid internships with The Internship Depot and its partnering organizations. Successful completion of The Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program is marked by a letter of recommendation from the business that hosted the individual’s internship.

We establish RIPPs where high school administrators want to ensure that their students are not only prepared for advanced education, but are also prepared for the challenges that they will face when they enter the future workforce. Most high school administrators are also very aware of the economic opportunity afforded their students if they enter the Gig Economy before they graduate high school, and through which they can secure part-time jobs without leaving their schools or homes, thanks to our intense training effort and the individual student’s persistence, audacity, and skills level.

We establish our RIPPs in schools that are equally committed to students’ academic and workforce success. Areas where businesses, business leaders, and business groups such as local Chambers of Commerce (business-advocacy organizations) ask schools to establish our RIPP to help ensure that high school students are ready for the challenges they will face as they graduate high school and move on to college or industry training and the challenges they will face when they finally enter the workforce.

We establish our RIPPs in areas where high school teachers want to make sure that their students understand the importance of each and every course taught in high school and can clearly connect learning in those courses to potential sources of income as adults.

We establish RIPPs in areas where parents want to ensure that the messages they have been giving their teens are reinforced by credible individuals and who want their teens to be able to contribute to the cost of their educations after high school by securing employment in the Gig Economy now and for the rest of their lives.

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