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One of the best things that can happen to anyone is if he or she develops enough expertise to craft a career around a favorite core knowledge base. For a person who loves art to be able to be — or teach — art is a dream. To love biology — and to be a biologist or a nurse or doctor — is the best.

As a high school junior or senior and a participant in the Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program, teens can start to figure out how his or her favorite and/or strongest academic subject can turn into the hard skills that will drive a career that makes a lifetime of work challenging and exciting.

For example, if your child’s strongest subject is:

  • Mathematics, she might redesign the spaces in a parking lot to squeeze in more paying customers.
  • Computer programming, he can create or update a business website.
  • Science, she can offer to deliver afternoon seminars to employees about important health or environmental issues that impact their lives.
  • English, he can offer to write an employee newsletter or conduct customer surveys.
  • Foreign language, she can offer to produce a document for non-English speaking customers.
  • Art or Music, he can produce a new logo or jingle for a company.
  • History, she can offer to research the history of the town in which the business is located for an interesting display in its reception area.

We help all Rainmaker Candidates think through their likes and dislikes, their wants and needs. to help the learn the process of making a career decision, whether that be now while they are in high school, or many years later.

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