School Day Activities

We have worked very hard to minimize our impact on students’ academic learning time as we designed, and when we deliver, our robust, realistic, and challenging (yet fun) sequence of diverse activities to students. Our messaging will help them understand more about the business world. The information we offer is packed into a few in-classroom presentations, group competitive events, and a few key simulation games. These activities provide the opportunities students need to be involved in demanding projects in which they can …

  • assume leadership roles and also learn how to be great followers,
  • launch social marketing campaigns and track impact using pre- and post-implementation data,
  • participate in competitive simulations as a member of an accountable team, providing and receiving peer reviews on personal performance,
  • hear from college admissions officials and experienced business people, and
  • prove they have the grit and perseverance (the traits today’s employers value the most) that will help them succeed no matter their future education/career choices, and
  • many more experiential opportunities.

We do not demand that students get involved in every program or online experience we offer. Students can participate in the various parts of our five-year plan as their time and interest allows. We make sure they understand that every one of our experiences will add to their knowledge base and help them succeed no matter their career choices, but there are no requirements. We do not take attendance. We do not give grades. We simply offer opportunities to learn. We schedule and position activities so they are as easy for students to access as possible.

Ours is an outcomes-based program, that is, if a student secures and successfully completes an internship, then they have accomplished the goal of the program.

If, for example, a student has participated in his or her parents’ business for the last five years, he or she will most likely be able to secure and succeed in an internship without our training. But for the most part, students need a lot of basic information before they know how to approach, and then successfully produce a project or product for, a business person.

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