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That’s EARLY … as in now … while you are in high school.

Career development activities, such as internships and volunteering, are becoming increasingly important for high school students who want to get into better colleges and find future employment, according to a study by and the research and consulting firm Millennial Branding. Businesses are finding that they, too, can benefit from such arrangements.

Participants in our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) will help you learn — and practice — many specific skills in our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) that will eventually make your transition to the world of work more seamless. In fact, serving an internship in college usually results in a job offer from the hosting employer. And 89% of employers prefer to offer internships to college students who have served an internship in high school.

Therefore, our high school internship can help you get the job you want many years from now.

This is your opportunity to secure and serve an internship. While you will be serving your Internship Depot internships remotely, you will also learn about, practice, and improve key social skills in RIPP.

For example, many business people feel that they can judge the character of an individual by his or her handshake. Do you know how to deliver a consistently strong handshake whether you are greeting a man or a woman? Do you know when to stand during a greeting or when to remain seated? Do you call an experienced adult by their first name or call him or her ‘Mr.’, or ‘Ms.’, or ‘Mrs.’? Better to learn how to figure all this out now –before you are in a paid situation. We review all of these basic business culture practices.

Perhaps most importantly, in our RIPP, you will learn job search and job acquisition skills. This is critical because it is highly likely that your generation will not have jobs that last for decades. In fact, futurists predict that you may have to look for a job every two years!

Eventually, you will find that internships offer far more than just short-term job opportunities. Internships offer you the chance to learn more about various careers and significantly narrow down the type of jobs you might find interesting. The experience can help you select a career that you really like, and save you and your family a lot of money by not taking college courses or industry training aimed toward a job that you might not like.

Internships offer the opportunity to get a feel for an organization’s culture and learn to adapt and succeed within it. Do this as an intern, and doing it again as an adult will be easier.

Internships offer you an opportunity to find lifetime professional mentors. When you secure and serve your internship within our RIPP, you will converse with experienced adults who will help guide you through various business conundrums.

Many students who serve internships in college consider them to be one of the most important experiences of their lives. And 89% of employers prefer to give internships to college students who have served an internship as a high school student.

Most importantly, an internship is about putting you in a position that will allow you to experience something completely different from anything you have experienced at home or in school. This is critical because work requires an entirely different set of skills than you use at home or in school.

By the way, neither college admissions officials nor potential employer will care whether the internship is a paid position or not – it’s the experience that counts. Conversely, telling a college admissions official or an employer that you served an unpaid internship shows that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead even you aren’t getting paid to do it.

That’s a good thing!



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