Stay on Target: Aim for Success TEST

To paraphrase William Shakespeare, there are many methods to our madness. And we use many methods to help you define and achieve your goals. We want to make sure you are prepared for education after high school and for success in the workplace — however you may define it. Each part of every one of our programs is designed to do that.

Starting in Grade 8 (with our introductory program called The First Rung), continuing through the years you will spend in Grades 9 and 10 as freshmen and sophomores (participating in our Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative), and then into our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) as upperclassmen, you will learn a lot about education after high school, the world of work, and perhaps most importantly, how to get and keep a job, since it is likely you will have well over a dozen jobs/careers before your retirement.

What you learn in RIPP can be used after you complete your education when you seek full-time employment. But even better, what you learn will help you get a part-time assignment in the ‘Gig Economy,’ where almost 40% of American workers are earning a living.

We will be giving you TONS of advice and recommendations that you will be able to use to improve your chances for employment immediately after graduation and for the rest of your life.

You will learn a lot about the business world and how to secure a job no matter how old you get or what career you choose. You will learn how to network. Current research indicates that as many as 85% of job seekers secure a job through networking (another word for making personal contacts). You will learn to develop an impressive résumé by doing impressive things that will impress an employer.

You will learn how to choose a major, how to choose a college or industry trade school, and how to choose a career.

And that’s only the beginning.

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