Stay on Target: Aim for Success

If you are a sophomore or a freshman, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the decisions you will have to make to choose your elective courses and extra-curricular activities for the next few years. Beyond that, you will have to make even more critical decisions. What education will you pursue beyond high school? What college or trade school will you attend? What career you will you choose as an adult?

No Big Deal?
No, Very Big Deal.

Just a few little things you need to decide. Just a few little things that will determine the success you will have for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!

You know that the decisions you make and your performance in freshman and sophomore years will impact your success as a junior or senior, and together, your years in high school will build the foundation (academically and socially) for nothing less than your entire future.

Prior to high school, the greatest influence on you may have been your parents, grandparents, guardians, members of your family, or neighborhood adults. As a high school student, you will be exposed to a far larger number of adults who will provide you with a great deal of information and a lot of advice. You will also be exposed to more online resources that will also inundate you with the opinions of others.

But soon, if not already, the opinions of your friends will probably matter more to you than any of the adults you may know. Yet those friends are very young and inexperienced and may not be giving you the best advice.

You will also need to find your own voice among many that you will be hearing, including your teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, and many others.

We want to add another voice to the mix you will be hearing – ours. We are experienced business people and we want to give you research-based information you can use to make the best decisions for yourself — decisions you make now that will impact the rest of your life.

Be a Stormy Wannabee … Get G.R.I.T.

We hope you choose to be involved in our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) and if you do we will do our best to turn you into a Rainmaker, a special person who knows how to make something out of nothing. Rainmakers are in high demand by colleges and employers alike. We make Rainmakers.

The skills Rainmakers use to do what they do can be learned and practiced. We want you to become a Rainmaker to give you the best chance to succeed in college and work.

So, we have prepared a special curriculum for you — a series of interesting presentations — that will help you understand what you have to do now to be fully prepared for college, work, and life. After you have finished viewing our curriculum, we will ask you to think about what you want to do in the future and develop a plan that will help you achieve your goals.

As you move through high school, you can refer to your plan to help you stay on track. By your junior year, you can become involved in our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP), and learn and practice what you need to do to be successful.

In freshman and sophomore years, our Stormy Wannabees program, which includes our G.R.I.T. curriculum, will help guide your choices about elective courses in high school and education after high school. You will be better informed about possible career choices, and develop a more global and long-term perspective.

Our G.R.I.T. curriculum will help you prepare for the demands you will face in your immediate future as a junior and senior in high school, and as participants in our RIPP. Our curriculum will also help you as you begin to think about education after high school.

Find out more about our Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative.

Do you think you know all about how the world will challenge you?

Now, what will be on YOUR résumé when you graduate?

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