The Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative

Freshman and sophomore years are very critical – these years provide students with the opportunity to get the academic foundation necessary to succeed in junior and senior year, as well as education after high school and in the world of work. To be successful in any choice a student makes after high school, he or she will need focus on academic achievement in high school. But there’s more – a lot more – that students need to learn about things the world will expect from them. So we developed the Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative to give students (that would be YOU!) the Advantage they need to better prepare for their futures.

As a Wannabee, students will hear critical messages from us through our G.R.I.T. curriculum. Grit usually means a ‘gritty’ substance such as dirt or sand. But another meaning of the word refers to a positive character trait that indicates that a person has resolve, tenacity, persistence, and can persevere against significant obstacles. Employers and colleges love people who have grit. GRIT IS GREAT. People with grit have what it takes to work through whatever problems are obstructing the completion of a task, regardless of how much effort, time, or sacrifice it takes. Some business people would call this character trait ‘professionalism.’ Grit is the trait that employers rank the highest of all.*

But the name of our curriculum also comes from key points we make in the presentations that relate to the other things employers value the most:

is for Growth (a commitment to lifelong learning)

R is for Responsibility (meeting all commitments)

I is for Integrity (honesty, honor, decency)

T is for Time -Awareness (punctual, deadlines always met)

Our G.R.I.T. curriculum consists of several virtual presentations and teacher-led discussions that will help guide students as they navigate their lives as underclassmen. The information in our curriculum will help students understand their world as it is now and how it might be in the future. Ultimately, we don’t make decisions for students. We don’t tell them what to think. We help them understand how to think in a way that will help them make the best decisions possible.

In the process, students will also learn:

  • Why EVERY Year in High School Counts
  • All High School Courses Are Not Created Equal
  • The Importance of Academic Achievement Regardless of Career Goals
  • Choosing a Field or a Career
  • Education After High School
  • How To Reduce the Cost of College Starting NOW
  • Part-time Jobs and Internships
  • Change is Fundamental
  • Vital Character Traits
  • Communication Is More Than Words
  • What Colleges Want
  • What Employers Expect

As a Stormy Wannabee, students will also develop a personal life plan that defines career goals and objectives and the steps necessary to achieve them.

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*According to a survey of over 20,000 employers done by The Grit Institute.