The Future Is NOW!

If you are still in high school or just starting you college career, you still have a lot of academic material to learn. You also have a lot to learn about other aspects of growing up and into a job you will love.

We want to make sure you know why learning about your future is important. So we’re bringing your future to you NOW!

You have a few years – what you think is a very long time – before you have to worry about getting into college or preparing for a career. But thinking that way is a big mistake. Any adult will tell you that your high school (and college) years will fly by faster than you think.

You will have to squeeze a lot of learning in every year, every quarter, every week, every day. It’s a lot easier to stay on target – learn what you need to learn when you have the opportunity – than it is to try to catch up as your future gets closer.

Our FREE online quizzes will help you understand why doing well academically is important no matter your future plans. You will also learn that ‘soft skills’ are as important as those academic skills. We also want you to know more about preparing for education after high school and about the vast numbers of careers that will be waiting for you — IF you are prepared.

We offer a number of different quizzes during the year so you can test your own knowledge, give you some things to think about along the way, and help you understand some of the decisions you will need to make in the very near future … because the FUTURE is NOW!

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