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The Junior | Senior Interphase
Opportunities … for Virtual Learning

As they leave their junior year behind, through late spring, summer, and into the following fall, rising seniors can access a variety of Rainmakers virtual activities, all of which help them gain the knowledge and get the mindset they will need to reach out to employers to solicit and secure an internship. Students who are unable to join any of our live events will be able to access recorded versions on The Internship Depot’s website. Some activities are ‘pre-produced’ and do not offer live participation but are meant for listening/viewing and reflection.

Interphase activities are accessible to juniors and seniors from mid-May to end-September. Various online events keep them connected to their long-term goals and increase their knowledge of the behaviors and processes they will need in order to be successful in their just-around-the-corner search for a Rainmakers Internship Host business.

While we cannot enforce, we actively dissuade students who are under the age of 18 from contacting employers to seek a remote Rainmakers internship. Most employers will not want to work with individuals who are not of legal age and we advise all our Host employers to refrain from doing so. Therefore, students who attempt to secure an internship before they achieve their majority will probably be wasting their time.

Additionally, there are many instances of scamming on some web interchanges where job seekers attempt to connect with employers who need their skills. To ensure that students are aware of these ‘bad actors,’ we provide informative teleconferences with representatives from some of those exchange sites and we mount the recordings on our website for all to access.

Students have six months from the date of their high school graduation to secure and serve their Rainmakers Internships, so we ensure they have enough time to achieve the goal we have set for them.

Check out our Interphase activities in the bulleted list at the bottom of this page. INTRP

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See Around Corners with the 18s

We have selected 18 carefully curated TED© Talks and other thought-provoking podcasts that will help students acquire a ‘world view’ and a future-based mentality. These short (10-15 minutes) mind-altering discussions feature national and international experts who will show students what it means to truly ‘look ahead.’ These speakers will help students go beyond their age-based experiences, realize the diversity of all living things and situations, expand mental borders, and learn to think in interdisciplinary ways.

Seeing the future is impossible, but realizing what’s just around the corner can be valuable when making many of the decisions high school students will be making over the next few years.

That skill will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Focus on Your Résumé2020-04-10T01:10:42+00:00

Business Mentor Review of Select Résumés

When our participating students hit the summer months between their junior and senior year, they will have had over three years to build content for their résumés. If they paid attention to our annual reminders, they should have recorded and measured improvements they have made in various categories of importance every year, such as academic success, social growth, development of a life plan, and post-high school education goals. Therefore, they will have plenty of ‘meat’ to put on the bones of a simple résumé format.

This activity offers opportunities for upperclassmen to hear a ‘friendly critique’ of a number of representative résumés (maybe their own!) that run the gamut from great to absolutely not (without revealing the author’s name).

It will then be up to participating students to apply the critique of a few select résumés to their own documents in time to present the final version to possible internship hosting companies. Remember, we are not here to do their work for them. We are here to ensure they know how to do their own résumé development.

Attack the GIG Economy2020-04-10T01:15:50+00:00

Tips and Hints from GIG Workers

Participating students will hear ‘tips and hints’ from current Gig workers:  the ups and down, successes and failure, the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed. We will also ensure that students know that as with any online activity, it is necessary to be on the lookout for scammers and phishers.

We also make it clear to them that they should not be on any gig website until they are at least 18 years of age. Most employers do not want to work with underage students and most likely cannot accept a contract with a minor. And we strongly recommend that our Host employers ensure that they are working with a student who has gained his/her majority.

Meet the Real World2020-04-10T01:17:43+00:00

‘Young Professionals on the Job’ Videoconferences

Students may watch this series of videos that we offer live, and subsequently online as a recorded session when they have time to do so. These videos feature young professionals (in white- and blue-color jobs) as they relate some of their past experiences and give you a ‘instant playback’ from their lives that will help participating students build theirs.

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