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Education after high school is key to your financial success. There is an unequivocal correlation between educational attainment and earnings. That simply means that if you want to earn more, you most likely have to learn more.

There are thousands of career choices available to you. Some will require a four-year college degree (a Bachelor’s Degree), such as a career in accounting, nursing, social work, museum curator, kindergarten teacher. Some jobs will require a two-year college degree (Associate’s Degree), such as bookkeeper, radiation technician, veterinary technologist, physical therapist. Some careers don’t require college but do require industry training and licensing, such as electrician, home health care aide, pet groomer, plumber, hair dresser, or legal assistant.

For the most part, individuals who acquire Bachelor’s Degrees from a college or university make more money that people who graduate with an Associate’s Degree from a community college. And community college graduates make more money than high school graduates. But that is not always true. There are some jobs that require a two-yer degree that pay much more than some jobs that require a four-year degree.

However, there is one thing that is true anyway you cut it.

No matter what you want to be or what level of education you may be able to complete, you will ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY need to learn high school level material in order to have the broad world of opportunities at your fingertips. A solid background in high school academics is the first rung on whatever ladder you choose to climb.

We know of a young woman who started her professional life as a hair dresser and became so interested in cosmetics (specifically face make-up) that she went to college and majored in chemistry (while she was still cutting hair in her neighborhood salon) and then went to work as a research scientist in an international cosmetic company. She was able to do that because she earned high grades in high school math and science even though she didn’t know where her career would take her.

We know of a young man who loved animals and earned an industry credential as a pet groomer. While he was earning money grooming dogs and cats, he attended a two-year college and earned an Associate’s Degree in Business. He developed a business proposal that described his idea for mobile vans that traveled to homes to groom pets and was able to raise investment capital. He now owns a very successful business and he and his investors are quite wealthy.

And that is the real important part of this message. No matter what you think you might want to be when you are young, you may change your mind. Companies fail. Jobs go away. But no one can take your knowledge base away from you. You will always have the material you learned in high school in your head and with that, you can build another dream. Opportunities knock. You need to be ready to open the door.

Being ready for the changes life will bring is a Rainmakers trait. With an education, you will always be ready for whatever curve balls life will throw at you.

With an education, you can be a Rainmaker!

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