The Rainmakers Club

The Rainmakers Club is a FREE online membership community open to individuals who have successfully completed The Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) while they were in high school or as college freshmen.* Our Members are accomplished and appropriately ambitious young adults who have proven they can generate something (an internship) from nothing, which is what Rainmakers do. Affiliated Rainmakers Club Members include employer representatives from around the country.

While they were in high school or their first year of college, our training, preparation, and mentoring helped these young adults go outside their comfort zones to recruit their own internship Host (a business person willing to manage an intern during the two-week internship) and successfully deliver a project or product that is approved and accepted by the hosting business/manager.

When the hosting manager is satisfied with the performance, timeliness, and product produced and delivered by the Rainmakers Candidate (participating student), he or she writes a letter of recommendation to The Internship Depot. With that recommendation, our Rainmakers Candidates ‘graduate’ and become Rainmakers and are eligible to join the Rainmakers Club.*

*No matter when an individual completes our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program, each must have reached his or her 18th birthday before they can join The Rainmakers Club.