Ninth and Tenth Graders Gain a Big Advantage with …

The Stormy Wannabees Initiative

Students have a lot of aspirations for their futures. Some might Wannabee  …. lawyers, nurses, welders, teachers, police officers, teachers, carpenters, nurses, sculptors, or a (fill in the blank). Our program is designed to help ninth and tenth graders achieve those dreams with the critically important messages about how to succeed in school, career, and life through our Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative.

Our program gives participating students an big advantage: they get to learn more about what the world of work will expect of them from our customized curriculum and practice the skills they will use as employed adults in our challenging but fun program activities.

They will learn to create sparks every day … sparks that propel them along their life trajectory.

Our electronic curriculum modules are uniquely informative , and our life/work relevant program activities are exciting and fun. Together our offerings present participating students with the opportunity to practice the skills they learn about in the curriculum modules.

As a Wannabee, students will hear critical messages from us through our G.R.I.T. curriculum. GRIT usually means a ‘gritty’ substance such as dirt or sand. But another meaning of the word refers to a positive character trait that indicates that a person has resolve, tenacity, persistence, and can persevere against significant obstacles. Employers and colleges love people who have grit. GRIT IS GREAT. People with grit have what it takes to work through whatever problems are obstructing the completion of a task, regardless of how much effort, time, or sacrifice it takes. Some business people would call this character trait ‘professionalism.’ According to a survey of 20,000 employers done by The GRIT Institute, grit is the character trait that employers rank the highest of all.

We aim to help shape students’ perspectives in a way that will help them understand how important their high school years are in forming their futures. Chronologically there is only one year between incoming freshmen and rising sophomores, but we know that that those twelve months make a huge difference in a teenager’s life perspective. Those differences are so great that we found it necessary to develop a separate set of activities for participating freshmen and participating sophomores.

More practically, our learning modules and hands-on experiential learning opportunities give participating underclassmen/women the information they need to successfully solicit, secure, and successfully compete for a Rainmakers Internship before (or just after) they leave high school. Securing and serving a business internship before leaving high school gives participating students a competitive advantage whether they are planning to go to college or planning to go to work.

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