Volunteer Involvement

We need your help to make this work!

Students participating in our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) will be able to join a series of teleconferences and webinars with experienced business people and college/technical school admissions officers who will discuss wide-ranging workforce and education issues, such as what they look for in a new hire, how important an academic or business credential is, what it means to have ‘grit,’ what it takes to get into a college, university, or trade school, and many more topics that connect to work and education experiences. Our Rainmakers Candidates (participating students) will also hear from young professionals who will talk about their experiences entering the world of work.

Business people will also serve as ‘consultants’ and Mentors during the RIPP experience, answering key questions from participating students about how to secure and serve an internship.

If participating students are not able to join our virtual conversations during the live ‘broadcast,’ they will be able to submit questions to the speaker in advance. If they cannot participate live, they will be able to listen to the recorded version of the session, which will be available for several weeks after the broadcast date to ensure that no student misses anything that might be important.

Additionally, short presentations from knowledgeable adults will help our Candidates understand what the world of work will expect of them. Employees from a variety of companies — sole proprietorships, large corporations, and non-profit organizations with social missions — will help participating students understand how the business world operates and learn how employers think.

Additionally, experienced adults from both business and academia will, among other things,

  • judge Rainmakers Candidates’ project submissions,
  • review select résumés to showcase what to do and what not to do when putting experiences on paper or in an online job application,
  • conduct sample mock telephone job interviews, and
  • mentor Candidates during the time they actually serve their internships.

Finally, once a Rainmakers Candidate recruits a business that will ‘host’ the internship experience, an individual from that company will ‘manage’ the Candidate during the two-week internship he or she will serve, and critique the product/project submitted at the end of the Rainmakers Internship.

Thus, the interaction Candidates will have with experienced adults who are willing to share their wisdom will be deep, meaningful, and may help them make decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Our volunteers will become part of a professional network that will serve them for years.

Candidates will also have the opportunity to interact with professionals from four-year colleges, two-year colleges, and trade schools and will learn what they have to do in high school to be successful in the education they will need to pursue after graduation.

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