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Make the Most of Your First Two Years in High School with Our Wannabees Program!

The workplace has always been a place in which change happens on a regular basis. Today, however, thanks to technology, even the rate of change has greatly increased, and it ‘s not going to slow down and wait for anyone. Students in school today (that might be YOU!) will need to learn more than any other generation had to learn to prepare for their futures. The sooner students begin looking that far ahead, the better their chances of success.

As a result of all these external pressures, the first two years of high school are more critical than ever. These years provide students with the opportunity to get the academic foundation necessary to succeed in the last two years of high school, and education after high school or in the world of work.

But there’s more – a lot more – that students need to learn about what the world will expect from them. So we developed the Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative to give freshmen and sophomores the Advantage they need to better prepare for their futures. This program is designed to fit seamlessly between our eighth grade program (The First Rung) and our program for high school juniors and seniors (The Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program).

Our messages help ensure students use their high school years to build the academic content that will become the knowledge base they will need to get a job. We also alert them to the need to develop various character traits that will help ensure they keep the jobs they get.

The Internship Depot offers students the opportunity to prepare for the world of work with two unique Wannabees offerings:

  1. our customized, proprietary Wannabees curriculum — one set of learning modules for freshmen and another for sophomores, and
  2. our related and integrated Wannabees program activities — students can apply what they have learned in our curriculum modules.

We know how busy many students are — most have a set of wide-ranging commitments they must meet. But all students can fit our program into the small spaces in they have in their lives that might qualify as ‘free time.’¬†We deliberately designed all of The Internship Depot messages and activities so that they span five years (grades eight to twelve). We’ve stretched everything students need to learn over those five years so they can find small pieces of time to learn what they need to know and practice what they have learned.

We offer students the opportunity to learn what they need to know and do to prepare for and improve the rest of their lives, and to get ‘a leg-up’ on the competition for college placements and available jobs.

Getting through our program and succeed in school also helps students’ build grit (tenacity, perseverance, doggedness) — which not so coincidentally, is the trait employers want the most. That’s no small task, and we do it by working with students to secure and serve a business internship before they leave high school. Succeeding in one of our internships greatly increases a student’s competitive edge and upgrades his or her chances of getting into (and graduating from) college and getting the job they want. STRMWA

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