What Can High School Interns Do for an Employer?

While the length of time that Rainmakers Candidates interact with the employer they recruit to be their internship ‘Host’ is short, it is long enough for participating students to learn some key facts about work life. The most important realization they come to is that success is not about what they want to present to the employer. It is, in fact, about making sure they can figure out what the employer wants from them. That is often a major paradigm shift for today’s young adults, and one that is critical in the world of work.

Our Rainmakers Candidates are not only constrained by time, they are constrained by their lack of experience and education. Nonetheless, there is a broad range of projects a student can complete for an employer that might be relevant and useful:

  • A student who is bilingual might offer to translate an employee newsletter into Spanish.
  • A student proficient in Art might redesign a logo for a local restaurant.
  • A student who codes can redesign a website for a small non-profit organization.
  • A student who loves science can offer to do ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinars for employees on climate change, viral pandemics, GMOs, or other in-the-news issues.
  • A student proficient in Mathematics might be able to rearrange tables in a restaurant to provide more space for paying customers.
  • A student proficient in Music might be able to develop and even produce a radio jingle for a company.
  • A student who likes history might be able to develop a lobby display of the company’s history, complete with old pictures of the area and artifacts from the company’s storeroom.

As made clear by the above list, The Rainmakers Internship will be a completely different experience for each of the students involved. Unlike other internships, our internships provide students with the opportunity to hone in on their favorite and/or strongest subject areas as the focal point of an project that will be evaluated by a manager at the hosting business. RNMKR

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