What Is The Rainmakers Program?

The Rainmakers Program is a fun, intensive, and powerfully realistic internship preparation program that will help high school students and college freshmen be ready for their (immediate and distant) futures by ensuring they know how to get — and succeed in serving — a Rainmakers Internship.

That’s why we call it The Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP).

Traditional internships still bow to their historical model — often taking as long as a year of a teen’s free time to slowly learn the ins-and-outs of one particular business while traveling back and forth to the business site and doing some (often boring) work in the process. So we completely reinvented the internship, and in the process, we made it shorter and more convenient, but more challenging!

The Internship Depot offers high school upperclassmen/women and college freshmen the opportunity to join a meaningful workforce readiness effort that culminates with a Rainmakers Internship (not a traditional internship) with a Host business. To ensure that participating students are truly prepared for the internships they secure, The Internship Depot developed a rigorous and engaging set of learning modules and activities that starts in grade eight, becomes very real in high school, can be offered to first-year college students, and helps students get ready for their education after high school and their lives as working adults.

Research shows that high school and college students who serve internships can super-charge their careers, if only by virtue of the number of professional contacts they make during the process. However, very few employers offer internships to high school and first-year college students — these younger students require too much supervision. Employers prefer to offer internship opportunities to students who are almost ready for full-time jobs as they approach their graduation from college or industry training programs. RNMKR

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