What Rewards Do Rainmakers Get?

They get exactly what colleges and employers want …

Certificates and Recommendations!

Rainmakers Candidates who successfully complete a Rainmakers Internship (those who receive a letter of recommendation from their Internship Host Employer) are designated as ‘Rainmakers’ and receive an electronic completion credential and letters of recommendation from The Internship Depot leadership and from the employer who hosted the internship. Completion credentials such as ours and letters of recommendations are valued by college admissions officials and employers alike.

Successful Rainmakers Candidates are ‘promoted’ to the status of Rainmakers and receive a FREE lifetime membership in the The Rainmakers Club, a professional (white- or blue-collar) online networking community. Rainmakers can also purchase the Rainmakers ‘Creating Sparks’ Lapel pin for a small fee.

After completing Phase III of the program,* newly minted Rainmakers are eligible to apply for paid internships with the Internship Depot. Whether or not these Rainmakers are successful in the competition for these limited opportunities depends on their skill sets, since each open position requires specific job skills, such as strong written English language skills, website design/programming, outstanding verbal communications, and more.

*All students must be 18 years of age prior to serving their remote internships
in Phase III of the program and enrolling as Members of The Rainmakers Club.

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